Why in the world are hot girls easier to talk to than not-so-hot girls?

There’s something that the vast majority of men are completely clueless about the world over. Even red pill aware men are largely ignorant of one ironclad fact on the dating market these days and if more men knew what was really going on, we’d all be swimming in higher quality pussy on a more regular basis:

Hot girls are easier to talk to than no-so-hot girls

Now before you get excited, let me repeat that and point out a distinction. Hot girls are easier to talk to than-not-so hot girls. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re easier to fuck. In fact, it’s quite the opposite and in this article I’ll explain the differences between the two in terms of talking to them, running game on them, ultimately closing the deal, and possibly getting into a long term relationship with them.

Hot girls (8s, 9s, and 10s)

She doesn’t get hollered at as much as you think

So now you’re probably thinking “Okay Donovan. How is it it that 8s, 9s, and 10s are easier to talk to and run game on than the 6s and 7s of the world?”


Beautiful women get looked at more than average looking girls. They also get more attention than they do. They get let into clubs first, people give up their seats for them on public transport, they get treated better than everyone else wherever they go which includes men. Men constantly stare at and pay the most attention to hot girls.

But here’s the problem: These men don’t have the balls to actually hit on them. Sure, good looking chicks get the most eye balls all day every day and men certainly make it a point to say hello or strike up conversation but that conversation is benign. That is, very few of the men who talk to them do so in a way that makes it clear to her that he’s angling for more than just a conversation.

Most men that talk to 8s, 9s, and 10s just wanna get in and get out of the conversation, steal a few looks at her tits and ass, and get out before they get rejected. They assume that women who look like her get hit on all the time so there’s no way she’d ever consider giving him her number, going out on a date with, or even dare I say, fuck him!

Go on bruh….walk up and talk to her. You’ll be surprised at how pleasant she is.

But that is exactly the reason why they’re so much easier to run game on than average to below average looking girls. They rarely meet men who are confident enough to walk up, look her in the eye, introduce himself, and start building attraction with her and make no bones about what he’s doing or what he’s angling for. This is a novelty rarely afforded beautiful women so when they meet such a man in public, she relishes the opportunity and gives him an honest try.

Men would be utterly shocked at how much easier it is to get the phone numbers of extremely beautiful women than it is the 6s and 7s of the world (more on this in a bit). Woman for woman, the average 9 is much more pleasant than the average 6 and it’s not even close.

Average looking girls (6s and 7s)

Chicks who look like this are hard to approach

On the other side of the coin, average to mildly attractive looking girls are notoriously difficult to strike up conversation with and ultimately get the digits. The reason for this is also simple and it’s a combination of abundance and male thirst.

Remember the guys who talk to 9s and 10s who are afraid to push the interaction further than just small talk? Those are the same guys who boldly approach average looking girls with the sole intent of banging them. Add that to the extreme thirst of the average male and you’ve got 6s and 7s who get offers from men all day every day.

As a result, you’ve got mildly attractive women acting like they’re hot girls who’s shit doesn’t stink. Along with this attitude comes a brilliant mix of bitchiness, neuroticism, and an entitlement complex that makes them almost not even worth talking to. So why are these chicks so much harder to talk to than beautiful women?

Because of the sheer number of men who come on to them on a daily basis. 

6s and 7s have the ultimate abundance mentality in that they get so much dick thrown in their direction they can be extremely selective. They can be as bitchy and crazy as they want to guys because they know that even if the guy gets tired of her act and bounces, there will be dozens of guys behind him waiting to take his place.

She gets so many offers, she can afford to be a bitch

More guys hit on average looking girls because in their minds, they’ll be easier to fuck than hot girls.

But the truth is quite the opposite which leads me to my final point…

The twist in the end

So now we know that pretty girls are easier to talk to than girls who weren’t quite as blessed by the genetic gods.  They’re much more pleasant and receptive to men who attempt to build attraction with them. But if you think it’s just as easy to sleep with them, think again. Trust me when I tell you that fucking 9s and 10s on the first date is notoriously difficult if not impossible. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve accomplished this feat (twice) and in both cases luck played a huge role in my same day bang success with these hotties. While it might be easier to get the numbers of the hottest girls out there and should motivate you to approach them more, it’s equally important to understand the closing the deal is far from easy.

On the flip side, even though number closing 6s and 7s is fairly difficult in a relative sense, fucking them is like taking candy from a baby. Average to below average looking girls are always looking to prove their sexual allure because they know they’re not as pretty as 9s and 10s. No matter how many cocks penetrate their holes, they know they don’t measure up in that regard. As a result, they tend to fuck a lot more guys than hot girls to prove to themselves and others that they are sexually attractive to men. This is the average notch count of not so pretty girls are always far higher than that of their more attractive competition.

To review, it’s easier than one might think to approach, build attraction with, and number close beautiful women but fucking them requires ultra smooth, air tight, professional level game. Not impossible, but you’ve been warned. As far as average looking girls go, approaching them is very difficult and they will shit test you with intensity from the jump. But once you get past all of their nonsense and show a little masculinity, these broads almost involuntarily drop their panties for you…if they’re wearing any in the first place.

Easy to talk to but hard to fuck
Hard to talk to, almost too easy to fuck

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