Worst Hip Hop Splits Between Labels And Their Artists

Labels and their artists, sometimes a partnership that doesn’t really work out. Below we managed to rank some of the worst Hip Hop splits between labels and artists that were signed under their umbrella.

Timbaland vs. Blackground Records

Timbaland’s feud with Blackground Records went beyond a lawsuit with the legendary music producer claiming that his former label is still trying to black list him in the music industry.

According to Timbaland, the label got as far as contacting other labels in the biz and telling them not to work with him due to his faulty work ethics. That’s kind of hard to believe since Timbo is one of the most prolific artists and producers in the game.

50 Cent and Columbia

Labels are often blamed for exploiting crime and an example for this matter would be Colombia Records approving 50 Cent’s project “Ghetto Qu’ran,” which named names of drug dealers and detailed crime in his Queens neighborhood.

Later on, the label and the rapper broke ties and it’s probably best for both parts involved as 50 still has a solid career in the music industry.

The Game vs G-Unit

The Game’s beef with 50 Cent and G-Unit got the Hip Hop game on hold back in 2005 with more than 100 diss records being released to spark the feud.

What had happen was that Game took 50’s place while becoming Dr. Dre’s newest protegee and fully benefiting from his attention. Therefor, the New York City rapper took a back sit, a position that he did not accept. The beef lasted for years and the two sides never squashed it officially up until this point.

Lil Wayne and Cash Money


This is probably the most interesting beefs in Hip Hop’s modern era. Lil Wayne, Birdman’s long time partner, went on Twitter back in 2014 and called out his Cash Money boss for the delay of Carter V.

The rapper mentioned that he feels like he’s trapped on the label and that he’s not allowed to elevate as an artists or to fully express himself. Birdman never really clapped back at Lil Wayne but he did say that the situation will be resolved despite Wayne dissing him on several occasions and even filing a lawsuit. The situation remains unclear up to this point even if the two sides managed to reached an agreement and the Carter V even received a release date.

Snoop Dogg vs Death Row

Just like many other artists, Snoop Dogg started doubting his label when the checks begun to fall short. The West Coast rapper suspected that the label was giving him lavish gifts while retaining generous payments from his royalties.

The two parts involved broke their ties while Snoop signed with Master P’s No Limit Records.


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