Worst Sneaker Releases of 2018 So Far

Check out a list with some of the worst sneaker releases of 2018 so far.

BAPE x adidas Dame 4

What on earth is going on here…

In an attempt to mix streetwear with basketball, Adidas and Damian Lillard thought that adding BAPE’s signature motifs to their Dame 4 silhouette is a good mix.

However, the final result is absolutely disappointing as you can see in the photo above. Not even sure what we should do with this shoe: play basketball in it or rock it on the streets. Dodging it would probably be the best option.

Louis Vuitton Zig Zag Skate Shoe

Louis Vuitton apparently thought that making a high fashion skate shoe is a good idea but unfortunately their Zig Zag Sneaker is absolute garbage.

What’s worst about the shoe is that a bunch of hype beats are going to pay a few hundred dollars for it not knowing that LV is absolutely trolling them. They’re also going to brag about it afterwards.

Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Yung-1

Not to flame the Dragon Ball Z fans or anything but the Adidas Dragon Ball Z Yung-1 makes you look like you’re riding the short buss to school.

Not only are the Adidas Yung-1 some of the ugliest dad shoes I have ever seen but the Purple, Pink and White color combination makes me sick to look at it. Not sure if these are going to sell but if they are, I wonder how can someone wear them in public? Best option, the Adidas Dragon Ball Z Yung-1 look like kids shoes.

Dragon Ball Z x adidas Kamanda Majin Buu

When you thought that things couldn’t get any worst for Dragon Ball Z fans, Adidas surprises them with yet another punch in the gut.

The brand decided that combining some of the most hideous colors ever with their Kamanda silhouette would be a good addition to their portfolio. However, the final result looks extremely off and disappointing. I have no idea how and where you can rock these kicks but expect some heavy flaming, no doubt about it.

Gucci SEGA Crystal Sneaker

The worst sneaker of the year award goes to Gucci for their SEGA Crystal Sneaker, hands down. Not only this is the worst sneaker release of the year so far, but the SEGA Crystal Sneaker has enough potential to compete in the worst sneaker releases ever list.

I can’t even describe the shoe yet the fact that it costs $1500 alone makes me cringe. Funny thing about it is that it’s going to sell out because it’s Gucci. Any thoughts?

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