Worst sneakers of 2019

Let’s take a tour of some of the worst sneaker releases from this year with 5 drops that we’ll step back from if we’re talking about copping them. Make sure to hit the comment section to share your top 5 worst sneaker releases of 2019.

5) Comme des Garçons Nike Presto Foot Tent

AKA the fish shoe. To be honest, everything about this shoe bothers me.

Even if the Presto silhouette is a classic, no one asked for this modern remake. Originally unveiled in 2002, the Nike Presto Foot Tent is weird, ugly and one of the worst project under Tinker Hatfield’s imprint, as the man himself called it. No idea why Nike decided it was a good idea to bring this one back but here it is to haunt us.

4) Kanye West Scuba Sneaker

I guess this is just Kanye being Kanye.

Not sure if the Kanye/YEEZY Scuba Sneaker was just a material or a silhouette test but the end result is creepy. Hopefully, this is not the logical path for the Yeezy brand and Adidas will step in to say something about this territory that Kanye decided to explore. However you put it, the sneaker makes whatsoever.

3) adidas Taekwondo

Because…someone asked for a Taekwondo shoe at some point in time?

I think not. Adidas Taekwondo is a combination between a sock and a sneaker that’s hard to match with any outfit regardless of how creative you are. Not to mention that the product doesn’t seem to be designed for any season either so the question is: what were you thinking adidas? For sure, adidas Taekwondo is a strong opponent for the Kanye West Scuba Shoes when it comes to the worst shoe of the year.

2) x Reebok Spike Runner 200 Sneaker

One of the ugliest dad shoes to ever hit the market.

Overall the Reebok  200 silhouette is not a bad one and it actually makes sense if you’re over 40 and care about lawnmowers but the color combination and the ridiculous price that comes for the Vetements collab makes this sneaker an absolutely ridiculous purchase.

The x Reebok Spike Runner 200 Sneaker goes for no less than €590 or approximately $652. Ridiculous, right?

1) Nike Air Max FF720

Is it a shoe, is it a sandal? What is IT?!

It’s for sure an ankle breaker with the Nike swoosh standing proud on it. Or not so proud? The Nike Air Max FF720 features a closed-toe sandal design, an elastic strap, and an Air Force 1–style outsole with the end result being an uncommon hybrid that’s meant for…not sure what this sneaker is meant for but it doesn’t get my co-sign.


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