Worst Trends We Can Blame Hip Hop For

Check out six most annoying trends that we can blame Hip Hop for.

1) Free T-shirts

Fair notice: your favorite rapper will not get released from jail just because you’re rocking a tee asking the judge to do so. Good effort, through.

2) Sunglasses

This one doesn’t make any sense, regardless of how you look at it. As a matter of fact, this is how you know for sure that you’re looking at a rapper: he’ll be rocking sunglasses everywhere.

Rappers, take your sunglasses off for a minute, especially when you’re in the club.

3) Pretending like you’re from ATL (or anywhere else)

Or copying the ATL swag. Pretty much, everyone Hip Hop-related acts, talks, and raps like he or she is from Atlanta nowadays.

What’s the sole purpose of rapping if you’re trying to represent another area from around the world? An area that you’re not based from and most likely you don’t know anything about. At least make a decent effort and move to Atlanta before you start acting like you’re from the city.

4) Fashion deals (especially sneakers)


I get rappers branching out and trying to expand their brand and their notoriety but most fashion deals related to the Hip Hop world are simply a hold-back. Especially if we’re talking about sneakers.

Acting like Young Thug’s influence in the fashion world is relevant just because he dresses weird is delusional. Also, three out of five sneaker deals involving rappers are a waste of effort. No one ever said let’s buy some Reeboks because I saw Rick Ross moon walking in them.

5) Yelling on songs

The best way to ruin a song, hands down. I thought that 2017 would be the end of DJs yelling the most irrelevant stuff possible on mixtapes but apparently we’re still going strong this year as well.

I have no idea who came up with this trend but most definitely, yelling on songs has got to go. Both from rappers and DJs. Take a chill pill and keep it short. People are trying to hear the song, not you yelling about how you’re a better DJs than your compadres.

6) Written freestyles

Man, does it even get more stupid than this? How on Earth are you supposed to be taken seriously if you’re dropping a written freestyle?

This, does, not, make, any sense, whatsoever. Use your head and let yourself go while doing a freestyle session. People want to hear how skilled you are.


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