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Resting in his hotel room under an assumed name, a man is trying to gather his thoughts for a rally tomorrow afternoon. He has been hunted for the past year. His spirit fatigued but unbowed, his resolve is determined but stretched beyond all human limitations.

In a stolen moment of solitude, the phone rings and cuts through the block of precious silence.

A voice on the other end says mockingly, “wake up Mr. Small.” (a pun on his government name) He does not respond.  A sense of his own mortality grips his presence as he resigns himself to the inevitable.

In spite of the implied death threat he has just received, he somehow manages to rest determined to meet the inevitable with an extraordinary degree of courage. 

The next morning he leaves the hotel and enters his car headed to the rally at a ballroom in Harlem. His mind wanders as he crosses the George Washington Bridge into Upper Manhattan. As his car pulls into the area of the ballroom, he parks some distance from the ballroom and enters the venue secretly through the backstage area.

Something is wrong. An ominous sense of doom floods his consciousness. All of the speakers scheduled to appear with him at the ballroom have suddenly cancelled at the last minute. He confesses to his aides: “I feel I shouldn’t go out there today.”

Meanwhile in the ballroom, his security spots an adversary. They take the man aside and question the reason for his presence at the rally. The man states that he is just there to check things out to see what the speaker has to say. He is lying.

At the door of the ballroom, two men enter the premises without being frisked for weapons. This signals their other three compatriots that they can enter the premises armed without fear of discovery. They do so. They take their seats near the front and middle of the seating area.

As another introductory speaker concludes, a new security detail takes their post near the podium. One of the security detail spots one of the armed men sitting in the audience. An intense stare down commences. The armed spectator is hoping that the observer does not expose his presence in the ballroom. The security detail maintains his silence.

Another member of security also spots the armed men. He does not expose their presence either. Elsewhere, the adversary that was taken aside by security was allowed to remain in the ballroom but required to remove a pin on his lapel which indicated an association with a rival faction.

As the speaker enters the stage, he sees his wife and children in the front row of the audience.  They greet him with a quiet warm smile. At this point, the introductory speaker concludes as the speaker yelled out “Make it plain!” This is a coded phrase to let the introductory speaker know that he is ready to ascend to the podium.

The speaker rises and goes to the podium. He greets his audience. “AS SALAAM ALAKIUM!” The audience responds: “WA LAKUUM SALAAM!” Suddenly, a commotion develops near the middle of the ballroom. “Get yo hand outta my pocket!” Get yo hand out of my pocket nigga!” The speaker responds. “Hold it!” “Cool it brother!”

His security detail in response to the commotion, does not protect the speaker, they roll away from him. They leave him open and vulnerable as the armed men rise from their seats and rush the stage. One man fires a 12 gauge shotgun into the speakers chest. The other three fire their weapons into the speaker as well. They are armed with a 38 Luger, a 45, and another unidentified handgun.

During the melee, one of the assailants is shot in the leg by the security detail and is seized by the audience and nearly beaten to death. Elsewhere, another unidentified assailant is also shot in the stomach. Suddenly, the police rush the ballroom to save both assailants from the angry mob.

Talmadge Hayer is save by the police from an angry mob

One is taken in a squad car and later booked for the murder. The other is put into another squad car as witnessed by the speaker’s assistant and is never seen again. The other assassins, blending into the crowd, made their escape through an unknown backstage exit and vanish back over the bridge to New Jersey.

People rush the stage to attend to the fallen speaker. One of his bodyguards is attempting to save his life with CPR. He is pushed away by the speaker’s wife. Choking on his own blood, he (the speaker) dies in mere seconds.

Strangely, though a well known hospital is right across the street, an ambulance never comes. Someone has to rush across the street and commandeer a stretcher upon which to put the speaker’s body.

Then in strange turn of events, the Speaker’s Chief of Security, undeterred by the violence and mayhem of the murder coldly walks up to the speakers dead body, leans over and removes something from his clothing. Then walks out of the ballroom unperturbed by the fact that his charge has just been horribly murdered.

As the speaker’s body is hoisted onto the stretcher, the man whom security had initially detained at the beginning of the meeting is photographed standing over the deceased smiling at his dead corpse. The body is then carried on the stretcher by members in the crowd to the hospital.

45 Mins later, a doctor emerges and says coldly: “The man you know as Malcolm X is dead!”

And just like that, one of Black America’s most gifted visionaries left this world. His real killers were never apprehended. The planners, never questioned. The murder never completely solved with respect to the evidence. The facts of his assassination reduced to the degrading slur of conspiracy theory even though the truth is public record. Disrespected in death as well as in life.

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