Yo Black Man: Is It The White Man’s Fault For You Not Progressing In Life?

       It’s about fucking time that we black men have a serious conversation about who is really holding “US” back.  Black men tend to point the finger at other avenues to explain their personal lack of failure. Your boss is the reason why you lost your job. Your baby momma is the reason why you are on child support. The police are the reason why you have all of those “unpaid” parking tickets. My favorite excuse that Black Men use is the infamous “THE WHITE MAN IS HOLDING ME DOWN” line. Black men who make excuses such as these are a danger to themselves and any body else around them. Why is that the case might you ask? The reason why is very simple: Black Men are not the ONLY PEOPLE WITH PROBLEMS! Yes it is true; White racism is alive and well. Black Men do have tougher roads to financial security. Black Men do have to overcome other hurdles that many other men may not experience. It does not remove the fact that the biggest threat to Black men are THEMSELVES!

   You can blame the white man until you are blue in the fucking face. You can blame your piece of shit single mother who picked your sorry ass daddy to have you. You can blame the people in your family who didn’t help you achieve your goals. At the end of the day, you must remember that YOU are the only vehicle for success you have! Your black ass cannot continue to bitch, moan, and gripe about how White supremacy hates you. Do you think white supremacy gives a fuck about your complaining? Absolutely not. You cannot change white supremacy with your bitch made complaints. You can focus on what is changeable in your life. The changeable factor that can become great is YOU! The question I want to ask all black men who read this in its entirety is this: “Do you ever hold yourself accountable for your failures?”

   Was it your fault that you got fired from your last job? Was it your bad attitude that cost you the opportunity to work at different employer? Was it your cheating and bad behavior that cost your marriage? Was it your decision to have unprotected sex with a woman who put you on child support? Once we begin to ask these hard questions, it will be evident to see that YOU are the sole problem in your own fucking life! The white man is not holding you back. Black women are not holding you back. It is your mentality that keeps your black ass at the bottoms of all American society. It is your lack of effort and consistency that keeps you from building in the black community. It is your high level of conceit and pride that keeps you from networking with other black men. It is your bad spending habits that keep you broke and not having money in your pocket. It is your lack of focus that keeps you from progressing. Maybe you are the negro who can’t stay out of the club. Maybe you are the negro who can’t stop chasing women. Maybe you are the negro who can’t stop hating on other brothers who continue to do better than you in life. Whatever the case is, you need to know this one thing: THE WHITE MAN ISN’T TO BLAME!


    In closing, it is your job as a man to keep yourself together. Life is about competing. Men are supposed to solve problems and NOT bitch about them. How can anyone respect a man who is ALWAYS crying about what someone ELSE is doing to him? It is your duty as a black man to continue to strive for sheer excellence. Stay encouraged brothers. Do not let bull shit theories pull you down. Understand that you can create lanes for yourself to lead you into greener pastures. 



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