You Are Responsible For Your Life

Today, I want to be sincere with myself and everyone who sees me as their role model. People should not expect too much from me. I’m a human being, just like everyone else. I’m not an angel and I’m never perfect. I make mistakes. I learn. I correct myself. And I move on. I want to believe people should have no time for regrets. Those who continue to look for perfect people in this world will never be happy, because they will never find it.

Please, don’t look up to me too much. I’ll disappoint you. It is not my fault. That is why I’m human. I didn’t ask to be a role model to anyone, please. Don’t expect me to live up to your expectations of me. I didn’t come into this world to live for anyone. Even God, the Creator of the universe, is not expected to fulfil all your expectations. Why should I, a mere mortal? Don’t use my life as a template to live your life. It’s totally wrong. I have my life. You have yours.

When you make people your role model, you are boxing those people in a corner and indirectly telling yourself that you don’t have a life of your own. I’m not someone to be boxed. Stop limiting yourself by looking for role models. Go back into the past and do away with all of those limitations you set for yourself. Stop believing that there is a template for your life. Stop patterning your life after people. Be you. Be unique. Be comfortable with your life. And be happy with who you are.

Stop asking people what you need to do with your life. They don’t know. They may never. They will never know and understand your life no matter how much you tell them. People have their own lives to live. They have their problems and troubles to think about. They have their crosses to bear. You should bear your cross, too. Just live. Be curious and open-minded. Be passionate. Do everything you have always wanted to do. Chase those dreams and live your life to the fullest.

Find happiness. Have fun. Fall in love without leaving even the tiniest part of you out. Be in completely. Read more books. Travel often. You’ll understand life better and you will have new experiences. Not only things you think you are interested in. You’ll expand your interests. Find something new every day. Find new interests, hobbies. Be a good person. A kind person. Help people when you can. Go where you will find happiness. What is life without happiness? By all means, be happy.

Stop bothering about what you need to do with your life. Do what makes you happy. Just do everything you can. Turn every stone. Make your own decisions. Live your own life. You don’t need to know the future. You shouldn’t. Stop rushing into the future like you are on a race. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be endured. Focus on editing your past and making the future better. Get rid of those bad habits. Learn. Relearn. And unlearn.

You are responsible for your life. It is not anyone’s job to help you live your life. If you don’t take the actions needed for you to be happy, who will? If you are waiting for your happiness to be brought to you, offered to you, or to come out of somebody else’s mouth, please take a seat because you will be waiting until you die! In order for you to be happy, you must actually do what makes you happy and keep doing it until the end. We’ll meet in the next article.

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