You Can Have This Funky War

The Exodus From Feminism and Institutional Racism

You can have this funky war. I'm out of here!

Enough is enough: you can have this funky war. I’m done fighting it.

Now hear me out as I compare the long-lasting damage that feminism’s caused; mainly, the unacceptable foul behavior of Westernized women (specifically Black American women) as well as the institutional racism of the so-called Home of the Brave. As soon as you allow women in, they can’t WAIT to muck up the order.


Feminism’s failed

Because they continue to come up with the dumbest threads on social media platforms, pretending to want us to answer honestly. However, when we do, they immediately cry out their usual, played out talking points as a deflection:

“You’re bashing Black women!” “You must be gay!” “You probably have a little d*ck!” “Yo’ mama Black!”

However, I expect the women to go in on us men like this. I mean, for God’s sake, they’re merely socially hypnotized females acting out their programming.

See, most of it comes from generations after generations of them being programmed by feminism. I know I’m not the only man who’s fed up with them still using it as a cop out, a lame excuse for not taking any accountability for their own reckless ways.

Yeah, that’s right, I said it. I said it right here for all of you complete strangers to look, listen and hopefully learn.

Furthermore, the only thing worse than dealing with this mess, is when the “programmed” simpoholics (feminism’s wayward male counterpoints) come flying in to rescue them from the “bashing” of their “queens.” Really now?

As if they’ll somehow win them over in the bedroom via a social media post. Nuygah, please!

Institutional racism’s on the way out

Anyway, let’s flip this: I have the same opinions about institutional racism within the United States. Oh, what a rotten combination it is.

Shall we?

Feminism: You’re all up in these male online spaces, pretending to be so innocent and good, when you know how you all get down. However, instead of having some decency, some accountability for your poor life decisions, you’ll simply post up some nonsense, anti-Black man thread to toss blame for your own shortcoming to anyone but yourselves.

Now according to your narrative, we should simp or leave the so-called Black Community. Duly noted.

Institutional Racism: Ditto. You expect us Black men to bow down or leave the so-called Land of the Free.

Feminism: You all love to say that us Black men “want [Black women] to be miserable, defeated, unwanted, poor, and continue to have low self-esteem.” Also, you all get off on telling us Black men that we want you to remain “single mothers, uneducated, and unmarried so [Black women] can be the butt of your jokes while they’re off chasing white chicks. It brings you comfort to know that even though they are at the bottom there’s still someone they can pick on.”

What a load of horse sheet. No, ladies, you all just demand us to STFU and adhere to the Three F’s: Feed you, f*ck you, and be quiet during the process.

Well, okay, that’s two, but you get the point. However, we continue.

Institutional Racism: Yep, the same dayum thing, except with a slight revision on the infamous Three F’s: Fight your wars, slave on a job, and we better not make a stink about or else it’s our azz, meaning our livelihood along with our very lives!

Now just in case neither of you entities (feminism and institutional racism) haven’t received the memo, both of your isms sucks. But as long as I call you “queen” or “sir,” everything’s everything, right?


Feminism: Collectively, you should neither take credit for your beauty genes nor get mad when you’re not born with them. How about you all work on being kind, submissive, loyal, and cooperative?

By now, I’m quite sure you all know that we men prefer all of those good traits instead of a college degree and your so-called strength and independence. I’m just saying.

You know what? During an online discussion with a Black American woman (whom I don’t personally know), guess what she told me straight out?

“Marcus, your best way of arguing is attacking someone’s character rather than the subject. It’s quite annoying.”

Now for the record, I wasn’t attacking her character but merely going hard af on how feminism and institutional racism go hand in hand in our mutual destruction. Of course, she didn’t like that.

Institutional Racism: Stop taking credit for the stolen natural resources (us Black people) that built up this country to the level she is today. I’ll gladly pull myself up by my own bootstraps if you kindly take your knee off of the back of my freakin’ neck.

Hence, our current situation of institutional racism being practiced within American law enforcement. May Mr. George Floyd, along with scores of other unarmed Black citizens of the United States, rest in peace in our current wake of the beginning of a viable revolution.

Then again, I’m not ready to “rest” just yet. No, I’m preparing my exodus from this Wild, Wild West, better known as the United States of America.

I’m done, son

See, I’m finished wasting my time and energy with these feminist straggs and their simps whom love them. I’m too through with struggling to survive in this deadly snake pit of institutional racism, both government-sanctioned with an insatiable thirst for drama and chaos, respectively.

Moreover, their combined thirst is never quenched. And don’t expect me to standby to be squeezed.

All it shows me is that they’ve never really been in our corner from day one. I’m talking about all the way back to the first slave ship that sailed from Cape Coast Slave Castle in Ghana to the shores of the so-called New World.

They’ve never gave two righteous ph*cks about our plight, just our money and our resources. Once this sick idolization burns to the ground like Ancient Rome did, both the racist founders along with their female enablers will be begging for us to take them back.

Nuh-uh. I don’t think so.

Besides, knowing them, they’ll probably double down on their failed feminism and racist phuckery just to spite us. Yeah, that’s them.

Case in point, they’re not my people, not my problem. They belong together to rot right here inside this sick-minded coliseum of feminism and institutional racism fueled by mindless consumerism.

And now with more than 40 million American jobs gone, no doubt, from this COVID-19 pandemic, it’ll be a futile journey as they attempt to return to the good ole days of our submission. It’s over and done with.

Now as far as us Black men are concerned, this has always been our normal way of surviving (instead of living) here in this whacked system. The good thing is, and this is just my opinion, that after this cold-blooded murder of Mr. George Floyd caught on live video is now part of the rest of the world, I personally no longer have anymore excuses to stay here.

Whether they want to accept it or not, this sh*t’s now their new normal. And it’s way overdue.

We’re done with praying, forgiving them for butchering us. We’re finished marching and protesting just to get ignored while at the same dayum time being expected to vote for them come election time.

So with all of this going on, I’ve stopped trying to persuade my fellow Black Brothers to see the obvious, thus focusing solely on myself. Ghana, among other African countries, is a far better investment for me.

I no longer care if the majority of us choose to remain within the United States while complaining about her ongoing mistreatment of us via feminism and institutional racism. You can have this funky war.

Until next time, my Brothers, peace.

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