You Can’t Separate Women From Money

This article is to my African brothers. It is to encourage them to have money, so that they will have an edge over this young chicks. Money rules the world. Your ideas are useless without money. Brother, hustle o.

Hustleandmake money so that you won’t have to join the train of poor people who will come on social media to report women to the world that they like money too much. Lol. What can you do about that? Nothing than to go and get rich, bro. Ha-ha-ha.

You will never see Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola or Jimoh Ibrahim on social media complaining that women like money. These men have enough of it. It is only poor men who have nothing in their bank accounts who will be barking up and down that women like money too much.

If women like money, give it to them or shut the fuck up. The truth is, life is not easy for a poor man. It can never be easy. That is why you should make money as a man. When you have money, you will be respected. You will not even have to call people before they answer you.

You can travel anywhere and do anything you want when you have money in your pocket. You can pick up beautiful women and do whatever you want with them. You can eat and drink whatever you want. Those are the advantages of being rich.

But for a poor man, you will have loads of things to worry about. You will complain about almost everything because you don’t have the power to change things. Money gives you power. But when you don’t have money, you must complain and worry.

Poverty is a bastard. It is a disease. A deadly disease. You must avoid it by all means. You can’t even roll with beautiful girls when you are poor. And if by chance you happen to roll with them, when they make a request of ten dollars, you must have a headache. Why? Because you are broke.

Another thing about being rich is that you will have a lot of choices. You can decide to skip home-cooked food and visit a restaurant. You can decide to leave your country and eat breakfast in another country. You can still fly and eat lunch in another country as well. That’s what money can do.

Don’t listen to anyone who says money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Poverty doesn’t either. Money gives you choices and freedom. But with poverty, your choices are slim. You don’t have any freedom. You are limited. You are caged. You are fettered. That is why I said poverty is a bastard because it makes you a slave.

Go to your social media timeline and see people who are complaining that women like money. You will discover that they are broke people. People who have no dime in their bank accounts. The truth is, you can’t separate women from money. If you want to have women running to you without calling them, go make money, bro.

With money, women will rush you like hotcakes. They will treat you like Kings and nurse you like babies. Let me tell you something, brother. Broke guys will slide into women’s inbox on social media to woo them and most of these guys usually get rejected because they are broke.

On the other hand, it is these same women who slide into rich men’s inbox on social media to woo those men. So, brother, stop complaining that these female folks like money. You should strive to make money, too. If you want women to worship you, don’t complain, just go make money. You will fuck a lot of asses when your purse is filled.

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