You’ll never be the biggest or the best she’s ever had but you CAN be the one she never forgets

A lot of us are in relationships with women on some level. Some of us are married, some have long term girlfriends, some have fuck buddies, friends with benefits, etc.

At some point when things are going well and a woman wants to make you feel good about yourself (for one of two reasons: #1 – she genuinely likes you #2 – to manipulate you) she’ll say “OMG you’re the biggest cock I’ve ever taken!” or That’s the best sex I’ve ever had!” or something to that effect. When a woman tells you this, you need to remember one thing:


Unless you’re a top 1%er in terms of dick size (which means you could do porn as male porn stars have the biggest cocks on the planet) or you’ve fucked women into the triple digits meaning you’ve perfected your sexual prowess, your girl is probably lying to you.

On the off chance that you really are the biggest and the best, you’re an outlier and I don’t base my beliefs on outliers. But for the rest of us, we’ll never be the biggest or the best our girl has ever had. It’s not mathematically possible.

The fact of the matter is that the average woman has far more sexual experience than the average man. The more men a woman fucks, the more oversized cocks she’s taken as matter of probability.

If she fucks enough guys, she’s gonna get a few top 1%ers, she’ll get a few guys who make her squirt and shake, and she’ll get a few that have porn star sized dicks who also fuck like porn stars with endless stamina.

Many men are insecure about the fact that they’re not the biggest or the best their woman has ever had and rightfully so. We would love to think we’re the best our woman’s ever had but that’s simply not true. So what’s a man to do to separate himself from all the guys who’ve fucked her? How can you burn yourself into her memory and be one of the guys she talks about to her friends years later?

Here are 3 ways to make yourself unforgettable between the sheets:

#1 – Stop caring about her needs in bed

Last summer I wrote one of my signature pieces, 4 Reasons You Should Ignore her needs in bed:

Conventional wisdom says that you have to please a woman in bed if you want to keep fucking her. The more you satisfy her needs between the sheets, the better the chances she’ll stick around. After all, a man who has the loyalty of a woman must mean he’s holding it down, at the very least, when it comes to sex right?


Believe it or not sex isn’t as important to women within the context of a relationship as it is to men. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important but in terms of where it ranks on a woman’s list of priorities when it comes to her man. But sex is much further down the list than most might think.

Personally, I don’t give a shit if my girlfriend likes when I fuck her for 2 main reasons:

#1 – I know she’s had bigger and better than me

I can’t control that so I’m not gonna worry about it. I also know I’m not the best lover she’s ever had. I don’t have control over that either.

I’m not gonna read articles about how to make her orgasm, or kama sutra positions, or any other nonsense that requires me to give too much of a shit because chances are, I’ll never be the best.

#2 – I know that sex isn’t the most important to women even if you’re just fuck buddies

Women care about how they feel when they’re with you. They want to feel safe, have fun, and experience excitement. If the sex happens to be good that’s just an added bonus as far as she’s concerned.

I actually knew a girl in Vegas who told me the sex with her boyfriend was terrible. He had a small dick and didn’t last long at all. But when he dumped her, she went absolutely crazy. She stalked him on facebook and in real life, followed him to California when he moved and got a restraining order against her. She went berserk because he made her feel like no man had ever made her feel when she was with him and it obviously had nothing to do with sex.

Yes, that is an extreme example but this proves that sex, though very important to women, isn’t as important to them as it is to us.

Like I said earlier I couldn’t care less whether my girl likes when I fuck her or not. Now don’t mistake me here…if she tells me “Damn Donovan you fucked me good just now!” I’m not gonna tell you that it doesn’t give me a slight mood elevation. It doesn’t last long but it is there.

But I don’t wait for those compliments. I don’t fuck her then get all butt hurt if she doesn’t tell me the sex was great. I assume that if she opens her legs for me again that I’m not terrible and that’s good enough for me so long as I’m satisfied.

So the first step in making yourself unforgettable to your woman is to stop caring about her needs in bed. Don’t eat her pussy, don’t rub her clit when you fuck her, don’t do anything that doesn’t keep your dick hard.

Girls will never complain about a 5%er who’s selfish as fuck in bed. But she’ll bitch and moan when a beta male licks her twat for 20 minutes…and then go fuck the 5%er who’s mouth won’t go anywhere near her clit.

#2 – Do whatever the fuck you want to her

As far as sexual acts and positions go, do whatever you want to her. Don’t ask her, don’t tell her, just do it.

If you want anal, don’t ask, just stick your dick in her ass. If you want her to swallow, blow your load down her throat. If you want pussy to mouth back to pussy, then just fucking do it.

Do whatever the fuck you want and if she’s not down with that, then find a girl who is. There are plenty of girls out there who’ll do whatever you want, whenever you want, and however you want without resistance. If she doesn’t do absolutely everything you want to do, then she’s gotta go (or maybe drop her down a peg….example, from side chick to fuck buddy etc.)

The truth is that most girls don’t like anal sex. At best it’s uncomfortable at worst it’s painful. A lot of girls don’t like swallowing either. Cum is salty, warm, gooey, and depending on a Man’s diet it can taste pretty bad.

I’ll use my girlfriend again as an example. Not only does she know I could easily replace her, she knows I’m Donovan Sharpe. And because of this she is well aware that I could go out and get pussy anytime I want. I wouldn’t even have to run game. I could just sign up for Tinder or any other dating site and I’d be up to my eye balls in pussy within 24 hours.

She hates anal sex. She says it hurts. But guess what? When I press the head of my cock against her asshole, she offers zero resistance and never has. She’ll grit her teeth, clinch her fists and do what the fuck she needs to do to satisfy me.

I also know swallowing isn’t her favorite thing to do either. But if my cock is her mouth and I tell her to swallow, she doesn’t it without hesitation and drinks every last drop, EVERY TIME.

You’re a man in demand and there are plenty of girls who will stop at nothing to do every nasty, debaucherous, kinky thing you can think of and be happy to do it to keep you around and not give two shits whether or not you’re licking her pussy.

Fuck her, blow your loads in her ass, down her throat, on her face, where ever you damn well please and not only will she love you for it, she’ll never forget you. You’ll be the one guy who just “did whatever the fuck he wanted to me and it was hot!” Girls love it when Men use their bodies for their own personal pleasure and are happy to oblige you whenever and however you want them to. Trust me…

#3 – Objectify her

When it comes to Men, women want a lot of things. They want security, strength, confidence, the list goes on. But the one thing they covert above all is MALE DESIRE.

Bitches can talk all they want about what they require in bed. They can say “My man has to go down on me!” or “He better be unselfish in bed!” or “My man has to do xy and z, and better not do ab or c!” But if she thinks for one second that he is not as attracted to her as she is him, THE WORLD STOPS.

Good sex for women is great but if the guy isn’t satisfied it’s a failure in her eyes. They can talk all they want about how they require orgasms but if the guy doesn’t blow his load, it gives her a complex like nothing you’ve ever seen. Why? Because 99.9% of a woman’s satisfaction in bed is tied to YOUR satisfaction in bed.

If you don’t blow your load the girl thinks thinks like “OMG is he not attracted to me?” “Did my pussy smell bad?” “Did my pussy feel bad?” “Am I bad in bed???”

Personal example: I got dumped because I lasted too long??!

Years ago I was fucking this hot brunette, and I used to fuck this girl good. I gave her multiple orgasms every time I fucked her (she was a silent shaker). Then after a few weeks, out of nowhere, she drops me like a bad habit via text. Take a look at the reason why:

This chick ended our arrangement because I wasn’t as hot for her as she was for me, and maybe she was right. I mean I did like fucking her and she had a smokin’ hot body to be sure, but maybe I didn’t like fucking her as much as I thought I did….I dunno.

But she ended things because she wasn’t giving me orgasms as fast or as often I was giving her orgasms. It gave her a complex and a confidence problem that it took me a half an hour to blow my first load when she’s shaking every 5 minutes or so.

Personal example: I turned my girlfriend into a porn star

When I first met my girlfriend she was attractive enough to get my attention. She has a slightly above average face but she’s got the body of a fucking porn star: Huge tits, great ass, long sexy legs, and a flat stomach.

As attractive as she was I turned her into exactly what I wanted her to be within 6 months: A porn star….well not exactly a porn star but she definitely looks like one now.  I made her get tan lines, slutty clothes, stripper heels, and whatever else I could think of to make my dick stand at attention when she walks in the room ready to handle her business.

These hug her body to reveal every curve
This is just a fraction of the thongs she has…..
No porn star look is complete without fuck me heels
Wrist and ankle restraints and a slut collar to remind her of what her job is

While she’s at work I’ll lay out whatever combination of slutty clothes I want her to wear and she happily complies:

I even mark my territory so she knows who she belongs to:

The end result is a woman with a hot body wearing next to nothing ready, willing, and able to do whatever I tell her to:

Here’s the thing: My girl probably doesn’t like strutting around in barely there clothing and heels she can’t walk in. I know she doesn’t like getting fucked in the ass and as stated earlier, and swallowing is probably no picnic for her either either. So why does she do this for me? Simple. To keep me from sticking my dick in other chicks.

And that is the key to this step. If your value is high enough, if you keep your woman in line, if she knows you could step out at any time, and if she wants to be with you, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep you. She’ll endure pain, being uncomfortable, or whatever it is that doesn’t kill her to keep you around. But she won’t do it UNLESS YOU TELL HER TO.

Women aren’t mind readers. They want and need direction. My girl tells me she loves it when I command her to wear this or do that. She likes surrendering to me in every way.

Now you don’t have to take the same tact I do. If you’re into the school girl look, tell her to put her hair in pig tails, get her some “problem glasses”, a short plaid skirt, some knee socks and high heels.

If BDSM is your thing, buy whips, chains, nipple pinchers. and leather everything. If you’re into the porn star/stripper look like I am, go to my social media pages and copy what I do. Whatever it is you want TELL HER.

Your woman WANTS you to objectify her. Your woman WANTS you to look at her like a piece of meat. She wants you to drool when she walks out looking exactly the way you want her to look. She wants all of these things but if you’re not man enough to demand it SHE’S NOT GONNA DO IT.

But if you’re the man who commands her to wear specifically what you want her to wear, trust and believe she will never forget you because few Men are this bold and forthright enough to demand this of their women. And you’d be surprised at how receptive they are when you lay down these edicts.


So when and if things ever end between you and your girl and she’s talking to her friends about the biggest cocks she’s ever taken and the best lovers she’s ever had (they talk about this stuff all the time by the way), your name will definitely come up.

She’ll say “Shawn had the hugest cock, and James had the stamina of a thoroughbred but i remember this guy Donovan. All he wanted to do was fuck! He made me wear all these slutty see through dresses and fuck me heels, and all kinds of stuff and he used to fuck me 3, 4 times a night. I never had to worry about not getting a rise out of him!”

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