If you’re an A+ at one thing, you’ll sleep with hotter women than if you were a B- at everything

"All I need are these!"

“If you’re an A+ at one thing, you’ll fuck better looking women than a man who’s a B- at everything”

-Donovan Sharpe

Most men foolishly believe that they have to live a “balanced” life to attract and arouse women. While there is some truth to that on some level, “balanced” men don’t fuck hot females. Never have, never will.

I’ll give you an example:

Marcus has a solid job making $40,000 a year driving a forklift. He drives a decent, reliable car. He’s not in great shape, but he’s not overweight either…average build. He lives in an apartment in a decent part of town, is pretty good looking, and knows a little bit about how to handle women in 2017.

Andre works odd jobs here and there but doesn’t make much money and doesn’t have a consistent income. His car is in and out of the shop on the regular so he rides the bus quite a bit. He lives with one of his baby mama’s in the projects because he can’t afford a place of his own. The only thing he persistently does it work out. And because of this he is ripped…as in 3% body fat ripped.

No money, no car, no job? No problem.

Now Marcus probably does alright with the ladies. He fucks mostly 5s and 6s if he’s not in a relationship which isn’t bad, but isn’t good either. Andre, on the other hand, fucks 9s and 10s (much to the dismay of his baby mama…who continues to house and feed him) and has their undying loyalty no matter what his situation may be.

Marcus is a B- in every metric of attraction and arousal. Andre is an F in just about all of those measures but he’s an A+ in fitness and that’s what separates him from most men out there. Women are attracted to men who are average to above average in everything but they are aroused by men who do one thing and do that one thing extremely well.

Let’s take a look at traits men use to fuck the prettiest girls out there.

Physical Fitness

The above scenario is a good example of this axiom in action. I’ve actually overheard conversations with countless girls talking about how a dude they met on Tinder or some online “dating” app telling their friends that despite the fact that the guy had no job, lived with his parents, had the personality of a door knob, and zero intelligence to speak of, they’re giving him a chance because he was “hella hot!”

All you need are these bad boys and you’re good to go with hot girls

Being in above average shape, separates you from 90% of men out here. Being in peak physical condition will get you more opportunities with women than you can imagine. Plus, your awesome physique will more than cover up any holes in your game that you may or may not have. If you’re got washboard abs, meaning you have an A+ physique, girls will forgive just about anything…no exaggeration.


If you take a stroll in the ritzy part of L.A. or down the Vegas strip, you’ll see no shortage of six and seven figure sports cars being driven by grossly unattractive men with attractive women in their passenger seats. Fat men, balding men, ugly men, old men and every man in between are accompanied by long haired, large breasted, ample assed young girls who could be porn stars, strippers, or both.

“I don’t know what it is about you!” (Hint: it’s the 100K in cash he keeps in the glove box of his Ferrari)

Anybody who sees a man like this with a woman who is physically out of his league (I stress the word physically as women don’t bring much to the table outside of their looks while men bring everything else) they know with 100% certainty she’s with him because of his money…which isn’t a bad thing.

That’s a subject for another post, but the point is that these men are an A+ in terms of finances. Irregardless of their physicality, their game, or any other marker(s) of attraction, rich men fuck the hottest women and everybody knows it.


In a lot of cases, status equals money. But there are just as many cases where status doesn’t necessarily mean a man is rich or even close. Fortunately for men who have status but don’t have a matching bank account, girls value this trait as much as money itself, and physical fitness in terms of attraction and arousal.

A guy who’s a local garage band legend in the town he lives is a celebrity in that town. Think he doesn’t fuck the best looking girls in that city? Girls wanna be with, and be seen with men with celebrity, great or small because it reflects positively on them.

Average looking dudes who fuck above average looking females

Subconsciously, every woman who sees her with that guy thinks to herself “She must have something to be able to lock him down!” and the women with this guy know it. He could be as broke as a joke, his celebrity will get him more pussy than the guy who has a job downtown making six figures.

He’s an A+ in celebrity because of his…


Pretty girls adore men who are talented at something…anything. You could be a great singer, BMX rider, tattoo artist, glass blower, or whatever it doesn’t matter. If you’re supremely talented at one thing, females are drawn to that talent.

Talent has the potential for celebrity and even money down the road. Not to mention that being able to do something most men aren’t able to do at that level is something that separates him from most men.

Using the example from earlier, Andre could be out of shape but if he’s known in the community or online as the guy who can paint unbelievable pictures in 5 minutes or less, he’s still going to fuck hotter women than Marcus.

A+ talent, no matter what it is, arouses females of all ages and races. Period.

Focus on your strength

Don’t have the genetics to build a top 20% physique and don’t wanna do steroids? Then concentrate on that blog about technology you’ve been thinking about.

Don’t have an IQ of 160 or the wit and mental quickness to talk to girls? Hit the gym and build up your body.

No matter who you are or what you do, you can develop and/or cultivate a trait that will make you more attractive to attractive women. There are very few men who have a 7 figure net worth, are at 2% body fat, with a 12″ cock with movie star looks, with tighter game than Donovan Sharpe if any. These men are mythical and do not exist.

But the man who seems to “have it all” and is in the presence of hot girls all time likely doesn’t have it all. He’s an A+ at one thing and that’s what gets him an abundance of pussy and will continue to do so until he decides otherwise.

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